Hue to Savanakhet by Bus
Daily Morning Bus to Savanakhet

Hue to Savanakhet by Bus
Daily Morning Bus to Savanakhet
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Hue to Savanakhet by bus : Travelers visiting Savannakhet are often surprised by its old French colonial architecture and the friendly, sleepy atmosphere of the town which conserves many aspects of Lao traditional culture. The small but blossoming tourist sector offers various eco-trekking programs to the outskirts of town and to preserved forests and other places of interest in neighbouring districts . The welcoming and generous character of the local people makes you easily feel part of the community. Although recently a large casino was established, Savannakhet has no touristic night-life scene. Over the last two decades dinosaurs have become a theme of Savannakhet, with a Dinosaur Museum and decorations in the streets.

Hue to Savanakhet by bus :The bus was scheduled to depart at 8 am ,  it take about 11 hours to reach Savannakhet.We arrived around 6:30 pm at the bus station, which is about 2 km north of town. you can take tuk tuk to your hotel .

We made a few pit stops along the way, so it took us about 4 hours to reach the border. Although there will be stops where you can purchase food and snacks (and there is one official lunch break), it’s probably smarter to simply have all your snacks purchased and packed before you leave—most of what we saw on offer was pretty suspicious and unappetizing.

How to book bus ticket to Savanakhet ? 

Bus ticket  reservation now : . Everday bus to Svanakhet , book 1 day advance

Tel : 054.3624044 . Hotline : 0985005113

Where can you get on the bus ? 

7H10 A.M . Pick up at hotel , transfer to Savanakhet bus

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hue to savanakhet by bus

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