Boat trip Hue

Hue boat trip

There are seven known hue imperial city tours in hue , sex to the southeast of the Citadel on the other side of the Perfume river ans single tomb on the same side

Hue boat trip 

A boat trip in Hue, Vietnam, is a fantastic way to explore the city’s waterways and surrounding areas. Hue, located along the picturesque Perfume River, offers various boat tours that allow visitors to experience the city from a unique perspective. Here are some highlights and options for boat trips in Hue

Morning: 8 AM , Our guide pick up at hotel
  1. Departure from Hue City: Start your day early in the morning by boarding a traditional dragon boat or a modern vessel from one of the docks along the Perfume River in Hue City.
  2. Thien Mu Pagoda: Cruise upstream to visit the iconic Thien Mu Pagoda, one of the oldest and most beautiful Buddhist temples in Hue. Explore the pagoda’s grounds, admire its seven-tiered tower, and learn about its rich history and significance.
  3. Imperial City: Continue your boat journey to the Imperial City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the former seat of the Nguyen Dynasty. Marvel at the grandeur of the citadel’s architecture, stroll through its expansive grounds, and visit key landmarks such as the Meridian Gate, the Forbidden Purple City, and the Royal Tombs
  4. Ancient garden house The Ancient Hue Garden Houses, also known as the Ancient Garden Houses of Hue, are traditional houses located in Hue, Vietnam, that showcase the unique architectural and cultural heritage of the region. These garden houses were typically built by noble families or high-ranking officials during the Nguyen Dynasty, which ruled Vietnam from the early 19th century to the mid-20th century

Lunch on the boat : include your boat trip with a delightful lunch at one of Hue’s renowned restaurants

In the afternoon : Visit by a/c bus

5, Khai Dinh Tombs ( Hue Royal tombs ) is perhaps the best known of the Nguyen dynasty tombs. Completed in 1931, six years after his death, it was the last lavish tomb of the Nguyen Dynasty.

6. Tu Duc Tomb is nestled in a vast pine forest in Thuong Ba village around 7 kms from Hue center , it covers ans extensive area of 12 hectares with nearly 50 contraction , including lakes , mounts , palaces , pivilions , temples , alters . The complex is also well protected by a think wall curving arond the hillside . Different from other somber tombs , Tombs of Tu Duc offers a romatic and relaxing ambiance as it also incorporates some building of the kings residency 

7. Minh Mang Tombs is one of the two largest compounds of royal tombs in Hue , It spans an expansive area of 18 hectares in Cam Khe village , Just 12 kms from hue city center , The construction was started in 1840 by king Ming Mang but completed three years later by his sucessor , King Trieu Tri as the father king passed away while everything was going on . The whole premises consists of 40 structures including gates , palaces , temples ,pavilion , altars , yards , statues. Let take you to visit there

Price :  720.000 vnd / pax

• Included: Dragon boat . A/c Bus , English guide, petrol, road tolls, parking fees. lunch , Entrance fee
• Excluded: drinks.

Hue city tour

Hue royal tombs

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Hue boat trip
Hue boat trip
Hue boat trip
Hue boat trip
Boat trip Hue

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