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Hue Royal Tombs Tours

Sightseeing excursion: 1. Minh Mang tomb 2. Khai Dinh Tombs 3. Tu Duc Tombs 4. Conical hat making village 5. Thien Mu pagoda 6.Imperial city

Hue royal tombs tour . There are 3 tombs know Hue royal tombs , 3 tombs to the southeast of the Imperial on the side of Perfume river , These are the tombs of Minh Mang , Khai Dinh and Tu Duc Tombs .This was the most popular sites in Hue , you should to visit them , Do not heritage to book now  – Hue Private Tours will take you to three the best tombs in Hue

08h30 – 10 AM ( Anytime on your request ) . Our  private car with english driver will pick up at hotel or your locations ,Train station or Bus station ( Hue center )

Khai Dinh Tombs is perhaps the best known of the Nguyen dynasty tombs , completed in 1931 , six years after his death , it was the last lavish tombs of the Nguyen Dynasty .

Minh Mang tomb is one of the twon largest compounds of royal tombs in hue , it spans an expansive area of 18 hectares in Cam Khe village , 12 kms from hue city , the construction was started in 1840 by King Minh Mang but completed three years alter by his successor , King Trieu Trij as the father king passed away while everything was going on . The whole premises consists of 40 structures including gates , palces , temples , pavilions , alters , yards , statues.

Tu Duc Tomb is nestled in a vast pine forest in Thuong Ba village around 7 kms from Hue center , it covers ans extensive area of 12 hectares with nearly 50 contraction , including lakes , mounts , palaces , pivilions , temples , alters . The complex is also well protected by a think wall curving arond the hillside . Different from other somber tombs , Tombs of Tu Duc offers a romatic and relaxing ambiance as it also incorporates some building of the kings residency .

Conical hat making village . Located in Huyen Tran Cong Chua street, about 7km to the southwest of Hue city, Thuy Xuan is the largest incense-making village known for hundreds of year in Hue.On the way to Tu Duc tomb and Vong Canh hill, visitors may drop by Thuy Xuan and discover the local famous craft. In the village, tourists have a chance not only to make sticks of incense themselves, but also to understand more about local life.

Thuy Xuan incense has its distinctive fragrance and high quality. Incense-making is considered as local main means of livelihood. It is said that generations of villagers have lived and breathed in it. Although hand-made incense requires hard work, it seems to be sold at a disproportionate price. No matter how hard their life is, locals still welcome visitors with big bright smiles.


Thien Mu Pagoda . There are many legends about Thien Mu Pagoda ( also known as Linh Mu Pagoda ) Once upon a time , local resident saw an old lady in red appear every night on top of the hill . She foretold that , one day the lord would pass by and buitd something of great importantce . from then , the hill was named Thien Mu Son ( Mountain of lady from heaven ) When Lord Nguyen Hoang actually went pass the hill , He hearded the legend and decided to build a pagoda and named it Thien 

Imperial city : Constructed in 1805, Hue Imperial City is located in the north of the Huong river. The south-facing construction covers the area of 520 hectares. There are ten main gates

Price : Type of cars

  • A/c car ,4 seats new modern with english driver : $ 39 usd
  • A/c car ,7 seats new modern with english driver : $ 49 usd
  • A/c car , 16 seats new modern with english driver : $ 69 usd

Included: Private car with english speaking driver, petrol, road tolls, parking fees.
Excluded: Meals, drinks, entrance fees and personal fees.

hue royal tombs tour
hue royal tombs tour
hue royal tombs tour
hue royal tombs tour



  1. I have done this tour twice! I did it last year when i went to Hue and again this year when i went back- it was that good!!! The english speaking drivers are very safe and take you to all the best places that you wouldn’t be able to see any other way! Would highly recommend 🙂

  2. Did a day trip with Hue Private tours. We contact via email the night before and began the tour at 8am the next day.English driver mr Dung pick up at our hotel to see royal tombs in hue, Very safe, Knowlegde driver and professional. High recommended

  3. We did a day trip hue royal tombs , We have booked few days ago , so when we arrived at train , the english driver pick up and ride to visit Minh Mang , Khai Dinh tombs and Imperial City . Safe driver , good english , High recommended this company

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