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Sightseeing excursion : 1. Imperial City ( Citadel ) 2. Thien Mu Pagoda 3. Minh Mang Tombs 4. Khai Dinh Tombs


Hue City Tours . Khai Dinh was the last of the Nguyen Dynasty emperors to have a grand mausoleum built in his honour. His is the most bizarre and along with Tu Duc’s, the most visited of the imperial tombs. Emperor Khai Dinh reigned from the Imperial Citadel of Hue from 1916 until 1925. His tomb, utterly distinct from the styles developed in other Nguyen Dynasty tombs fuses Asian and European elements..Set in beautiful hills 10kms from the citadel, Khai Dinh’s Tomb is perhaps the best known of the Nguyen dynasty tombs. Completed in 1931, six years after his death, it was the last lavish tomb of the Nguyen Dynasty.

08h30 ( Anytime on your request ) . Our Hue private cars tours with english driver pick up at hotel or train station , Bus station or  your locations ( hue center )

Khai Dinh Tombs ( Hue Royal tombs ) is perhaps the best known of the Nguyen dynasty tombs. Completed in 1931, six years after his death, it was the last lavish tomb of the Nguyen Dynasty.

10h10 . We continue to visit : Tomb of Minh Mang is one of the two largest compounds of royal tombs in Hue. It spans an expansive area of 18 hectares in Cam Khe village, 12 kilometres from the city centre. The construction was started in 1840 by King Minh Mang but completed three years later by his successor, King Thieu Tri as the father king passed away while everything was going on. The whole premises consists of 40 structures, including gates, palaces, temples, pavilions, altars, yards, statues, etc. All are enclosed in a concrete rampart of 3m high and 0.5m thick. You may enter it by two side gates. The imposing Central Gate (Dai Hong Mon) was opened only once for the King’s coffin to be brought in. The tomb’s magnificent architecture represents nothing more than the

12h30 . Have famous local restaurant enjoy grilled beef noddle + peanut sauce , beef spring rolls with peanut sauce ( cheap – local price about $3 for meal )

13h40 . Drive to Thien Mu pagoda . There are many legends about Thien Mu Pagoda (also known as Linh Mu Pagoda). Once upon a time, local residents saw an old lady in red appear every night on top of the hill. She foretold that: one day, the Lord would pass by and build something of great importance. From then on, the hill was named Thien Mu Son (Mountain of Lady from Heaven). When Lord Nguyen Hoang actually went pass the hill, he heard the legend and decided to build a pagoda and named it Thien Mu

14h40 .Imperial City ( Citadel ) .Hue Imperial City was constructed between 1805 and 1832 on an expansive area of more than 5 square kilometers on the northern bank of Perfume River. Nguyen emperors had used thousands of laborers to build this mighty citadel, encompassing three circles of ramparts: the Defensive Fort (Capital City), the Imperial City and the Forbidden Purple City.

Price : Type of cars

* A/c car , 4 seats new mordern , english driver : $ 39

Price : Type of cars

* A/c car , 7 seats new mordern , english driver : $ 45

Price : Type of cars

* A/c car , 16 seats new mordern , english driver : $ 65                                       

Included: Private car wuth english speaking driver, petrol, road tolls, parking fees.
Excluded: Meals, drinks, entrance fees and personal fees.

Hue city tours
Hue city tours
Hue city tours
Hue city tours
Hue sightseeing tours
Hue sightseeing tours


  1. we had a day to see the tombs and sites around hue . Terrific fun, He was very nice men and careful english drivers

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  3. They were very helpful in arranging my custom-made trip to Hue royal tombs , Our driver was excellent.very professional, knowledgeable,I will certainly be using their services again on my next trip to the region.

  4. Great organisation, great sites visited, great food, guide was fantastic, Will recommend this agency and this package without any doubt.

  5. Excellent tour , He gave a great view of the history sites. He was very animated and knowledgeable , He also was stopped a famous thing to do ,also stopped local cuisine , amazing food we have never eaten before , Thank you so much

  6. I was very impressed with Hue private tours half day tour to Hue imperial city and Royal tombs. Was very cheap considering what other tour companies , Pick up on time and safe driver , High recommeded this company

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